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Pros: Everyone has a story. What is yours? With these affordable and easy to use kits you will be able to learn more about yourself, including your ethnic group and geographical region and long-lost relatives. Look for paternity answers and complete your family tree - with MyHeritageDNA. Start your 14 day free trial to convince yourself that MyHeritageDNA comes in handy to grow your family tree, find a new cousin, uncle or any other relatives and to explore 10 billion historical records. Amaze yourself and start building your online family tree. Add names, photos, dates, stories and share them with your family. You will get email alerts when MyHeritage will find connections, records or newspaper articles about your ancestors. Sign up now and you get family tree subscription from €0 to build your tree with a maximum number of individuals of 250. Add more money to receive more: unlimited number of people in your family tree, priority customer support, advanced DNA features, instant discovers and even more. 

Discover yourself. Unlock the secrets of your ancestry and genealogy with myHeritageDNA. Order the DNA kit for €59 to find new relatives that you never knew they existed. You will receive DNA Matches not only to others who have tested with this company but also to those who have tested with other services. You could find a brother, a cousin and a lot more. Furthermore, the test will tell you where in the world your family is from because HyHeritage analyzes your DNA to determine whether you are Japanese, Jewish, Irish and many others. Order the Health Kit for only €99 to learn how your DNA can affect you and your family as well. With a simple cheek swab you will find out information about health, genealogy and ethnicity. The innovative reports will tell you if you have a genetic risk to develop different diseases including heart disease, type 2 diabetes or breast cancer. With this kit you also get carrier status reports for 13 conditions including Cystic fibrosis, Gaucher disease or Sickle Cell Anemia. Take this kit especially if you are planning to have a family. You will know if you and your partner are carriers for a genetic disorder. Go to to learn more and to unleash the power of genetics.

Cons: Unfortunately, MyHeritageDNA does not offer Y-DNA and mtDNA tests

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