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Pros: Are you looking forward to connecting with your relatives? Are you curious enough to find out if you are Irish, Scandinavian, Nigerian or African? Then don’t hesitate, you’ve come to the right place because AncestryDNA is the most comprehensive DNA test that can estimate your origins to more than 500 regions worldwide. Order your kit for only €99 and you will discover your ethnic origins. Find out where it all started. Learn about your ancestors and find out if you have any living relatives that you had no idea about. Meet a distant cousin or aunt. Easy to use, once you receive your kit all you have to do is to read the instructions, spit in the tube and return a small saliva sample in the envelope, mail it to the company and your DNA will be analyzed at over 700.000 genetic markers. And in a few weeks, just like magic you will get a link where you can see your results. Technology makes impossible being possible. For $149 you can have AncestryHealth Core kit to receive even more unique, amazing information about you: from health and wellness reports to guidance and family health history. You will not only know how genetics could affect or influence certain aspects of your wellness, but you will also find out if there are chances to develop certain diseases or other health issues. 

AncestryDNA comes in handy for all your needs. And with the 14-days free trial available you can explore the largest online family resource ever. Try it now and choose your membership for free. No risk. You will be billed from $19.99 per month if you decide to keep your membership after your free trial expires. But check it out anyway. There are memberships for 6 months and they have discounts. You can save between $20 and $70. Trace your family story. Build your family tree and find out if you have any connections with people from around 70 million family trees on the company’s database.  Create your account and add a few family members to your tree, look for the hint – a leaf – that will tell you if Ancestry found something that could match your ancestors, vie the hint and save it to your tree. Grow your tree and watch your family story emerge. This is cool isn’t it? AncestryDNA offers you even more. For instance, you can discover the history and the meaning hidden in your last name. Check the Surname meaning category on the website and you will definitely learn some interesting facts about your surname: from its etymology to common occupations to average life expectancy and where your family lived in the U.S. and U.K. Moreover, spread the word and tell your friends about AncestryDNA. Share it via email, Facebook or Twitter and anyone your refer saves 15% off per AncestryDNA kit and you will receive a gift too: a $10 Amazon Gift Card after your friends will purchase the kit. Terms and conditions apply. Make sure you read them. Good luck and enjoy it!

Cons: AncestryDNA is available in less number of countries than the other companies in the field. This means if you live outside their market than you should go for another company to have accurate results

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