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Pros: Where are you coming from? Have you inherited Neanderthal DNA? Are you curious to find out even more facts about you in the most simple and easiest way possible? You can do it right now. Get rid of that curiosity and order your DNA testing kit from only $99 for the Ancestry and Traits Service to find and connect with relatives in the company’s database who share DNA with you, to start a family tree automatically based on your DNA and to discover where your DNA comes from out of more than 1500 geographic regions all around the world. You will find out if your ancestors are from Europe, East Asia or Africa. Moreover, with this kit you will be able to see how your DNA can affect your hair color, your taste and smell, your facial feature and even more traits. Check it out and discover what makes you, you. Get even more with Health and Ancestry Service for $199 that includes everything from the first kit as well as 10 health predisposition reports, 5 wellness reports and 40 carrier status reports. This means that you will know if you could develop certain diseases, including Parkinson’s or Celiac disease, Alzheimer’s or Diabetes Type 2. You can now find out if you are a carrier for certain inherited conditions including Cystic Fibrosis, Hereditary Hearing Loss or Salla Disease and with Wellness Reports you will discover how your DNA relates to your lactose digestion or caffeine consumption. Order at least two of them to get 10% off on each additional kit. Add more money and for $499 you will get the VIP Service that includes 2 Health and Ancestry Service kits plus overnight shipping, priority lab processing, premium customer support and 1-1 Ancestry results walkthrough.

But how does it work? It is super-easy. You don’t have to go to a doctor and you only need a small saliva sample. So order the kit you want, spit in the tube provided, register your saliva collection and mail it back to the lab. In maximum 5 weeks you will receive your reports. And you will discover what your DNA says about you and your ancestors. If somehow you change your mind and you don’t send your saliva sample than you can get a refund within 30 days from your purchase. Terms and conditions apply. Make sure you read them on the website. Make an impact with your genetic data. Take part in the research studies to contribute to over 230 studies in order to prevent or even cure different diseases including lupus, asthma or Parkinson for future generations. Be the change and answer online survey questions so researchers can link your genetic data to study subjects (ancestry, traits, disease). Be part of the next scientific discovery. You can always pop into or out of the research. Bring out your amazing traits with the new 23andMe Collection. Let your friends know about this company and give them a gift with a dedication. You can choose from accessories, books, drinkware, hats or t-shirts. 

Cons: Customers complained it takes too long to receive the results.

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