FamilyTreeDNA Review

Pros: Unleash the power of genetics. Order one of the kits available on the website and learn your ancestral origins. More than 2 million people have already tested with FamilyTreeDNA and they found out amazing things about themselves. Hurry up. An amazing offer is ready for you until 28th of November. 
If you order until this date you will receive a Thanksgiving discount: 40% off for all Ancestry Tests. Get the Ancestry Family kit for only $59 and you will discover your ethnic and geographic origins, explore deep ancestry, and experience enhanced results. With ancientOrigins you can unlock your origins going back to ancient times comparing your DNA with DNA from archeological dig sites within European continent. A lot more is waiting for you. Order the Y-DNA or Father’s line Kit from $99 to find out everything about your distant and direct paternal genetic heritage. It connects you with your paternal-line relatives in Y-DNA database of the company; it follows the migration paths of your male ancestors and traces your paternal ancestry up to over 300.000 years in the past. Get the mtDNA or Mother’s line test for $139 to uncover your maternal heritage going back to Africa and to explore your direct maternal line and geographic origins.

Are your curious to find out how simple it is to discover all of the above and even more than that? Begin your DNA journey with four simple steps. Go to, order the kit you want, swab the inside of your cheeks, mail the kit back in the prepaid package provided and wait between 4 and 8 weeks to receive your results online. You will receive an email notification once the results are ready. Save even more money and buy bundle kits. You can choose between Family Finder+Y-37, Family Finder+mtFull Sequence and Family Finder+ Y-111+mtFull Sequence. Don’t hesitate. Limited offer is available and you can save up to $258. If you change your mind and you have not yet returned your sample to the company for processing then you can cancel your order within 60 days from your purchase. Read the Refund Policy on the website for more instructions.

Cons: FamilyTreeDNA doesn’t offer any information about health

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