LivingDNA Review

Pros: Do you want to understand who are you and where are you coming from? If you are curious to trace your family ancestry backward thousands of years ago then go for LivingDNA because it provides data from 80 regions worldwide and it goes back up to 80.000 years. This is the great time to check out LivingDNA. With holiday sale you get discounts up to 30% off. Order your Starter kit for €49 to receive your autosomal global results and a taster from the Wellbeing kit which means you will get a nutrition report that will tell if your genetics indicate you have Vitamin D deficiency and even more. You will also discover if you inherited DNA from 8 global populations such as Oceania, Native America, Africa, Euorpe, Near East, Central, South and East Asia. Don’t stop here. Be curious and upgrade your results. Order the Full Ancestry kit for €79 to benefit from detailed features including your recent regional ancestry, subregional DNA breakdowns, your extended ancestry, family DNA matching, personalized merchandise and other additional insights. 

Do you want to understand how different kinds of food, vitamins and even exercise work with your body? Buy the Wellbeing kit for €99 to receive your wellbeing reports, your global autosomal result as well as full access to the Family Networks service provided by LivingDNA. Do you want to find out even more? Don’t hesitate. Pay more money to upgrade to the full ancestry experience with Wellbeing and ancestry kit for €149. This kit will reveal not only wellbeing reports for nutrition and fitness but also advanced reports about your ancestry, bringing family stories to life.  Discover more and bring your DNA to life. You will receive amazing and interesting information and it is super simple to use it. After purchasing the kit you want online you will only have to swab your inner cheek of your mouth for maximum of 60 seconds and pop your swab back in the tube, pushing the lid down until it clicks. Be patient. You will see your results online in 6-8 weeks. Hurry up. Enjoy the Holiday Sale discount and free shipping when you 3+ kits.

Cons: With LivingDNA it can take up to 12 weeks to receive your DNA results. The company does not offer health tests

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28 May 2024

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