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Pros:  With over 10 million users, HomeDNA comes in handy if you seek answers regarding your family ancestry, health and beauty tests as well as DNA analysis for your beloved dog or cat. Pinpoint your ancestry going back more than 1000 years, find out where your ancestors came from, compare your past with your present, find out your family history and a lot more with Ancestry kits from $39.00. Take the most of it, enrich your life and your knowledge and go for an advanced test that analyzes over 80.000 autosomal DNA markers, over 1000 reference population and 41 gene pools. There are plenty of tests that can reveal incredible unknown information about you such as African and Asian version that are suitable for those who have ancestry outside Europe. Discover how easy is to have a more comfortable life with Health and beauty kits from $99.00. You will get personalized reports that will tell if you are genetically more or less sensitive to common allergens including gluten, lactose, egg, peanuts or histamine or if you need a proper diet and ideal workouts in order to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Are you worried about your beauty habits? Don’t worry anymore. HomeDNA Skin Care kit provides you with accurate information on top skin concerns such as collagen quality, skin elasticity, sun protection or pigmentation.

Do you love animals? Do you have a cat or a dog? Then buy one of the Pets kit for $125 and receive interesting information about your pet that will help you raise it in a proper and healthy way. Screen your pat for more than 40 genetic diseases and traits or your dog for more than 100 diseases and traits. And get a customized Life Plan for your pet. The kit contents sterile DNA collection brushes, information brochure and instructions for DNA collection as well as self-addresses and prepaid envelope for returning the samples to the lab. Within 3 weeks you will receive the results on your email. Go to www.homedna.com to find the right answers for your curiosity. And don’t forget to check out all the description on all the kits because free shipping is available too. But you will have to read carefully he terms and conditions. 
Cons: HomeDNA is relatively more expensive than other companies in the market

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