Revolut Review

Pros: Revolut gives you a better way to spend money. Open a Revolut account and you get exclusive access to what is latest in online banking services including prepaid debit cards, currency exchange, instant payments, money transfers and many more. Whether you want to pay your bills, to buy a ticket for your holiday or to transfer money, Revolut got you covered with all you need. And with the spending categories functionality you will know where your money went: restaurants, shopping, transport, cash withdrawal etc.  You love to travel but the exchange rates give you headaches? Order you Revolut card and travel with ease. Spend abroad in 150 currencies with no or low fees. Check everything you need to know on the website. You just have to top-up your card in your home currency and then you can exchange your money in the currency you need. It is incredibly easy if you use the app. Revolut makes magic. And if you experience any issues you can always chat with the Support Team that is available 24 hours a day. Don’t think twice. Revolut has even more features. You will fall in love with this digital bank. I will give you another reason to join Revolut’s community. 

With an innovative and elegant app, Revolut is easy and simple to use. Discover Revolut now. Try now. Order the card. Choose the plan you need, see if you like it and then recommend Revolut to your friends. You earn £10 for each friend you invite. And each friend also earns £10. If you don’t need much then choose the Standard Account with no monthly fee, free UK account and no fee ATM withdrawals up to £200 per month. If you want more then upgrade to Premium or Metal Account. Premium costs £6.99/month and comes with free card delivery and £400 ATM withdrawals as well as other perks including cryptocurrency exchange. The Metal one costs £12.99 per month and gives you even more advantages such as ATM withdrawals up to £600 per month and lounge pass access. Business account services follow similar structure with free version or paid for upgrades. Start for free and pay as you grow. As a freelancer you will pay £7 a month for an upgrade account with plenty of features included. As a company you pay between £25 and £1000 a month if you want to receive unlimited benefits. Don’t worry. You can change or cancel your account at any time. For free. 

Cons: Revolut doesn’t have any physical bank branches but they have 24/7 Customer Support and foreign exchanges over £5000 cost 0.5%.

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