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Pros: Monzo is a well-loved modern digital bank that has an impressive number of features for managing your money. For instance it helps you see where your money goes monthly, because all your transactions are categorized pretty well: from transportation and bills to groceries, shopping and expenses, from holidays to personal care and many more. Join Monzo now. Download the app and choose between Monzo Current Accounts, Business account, Joint or 16-17 accounts; you will enjoy many advantages. Plus, it is free. Yes the monthly fee is €0. You get access to easy payments and transfers, you can make payments on the go with Google and Apple pay, you can add people to your business account and you receive human help whenever you need it, because Customer Service Team is available 24/7. Create Joint accounts with a member of your family or a friend to manage rent or any other bills together. You’ll be able to see who has made each transaction so you can easily track where your money is going. 

With Monzo you can split payments with anyone you want even if that person doesn’t even have Monzo account and you can also get paid early. Indeed, with this new feature your payday’s coming early. Receive your wages with Monzo at 4 pm on the day before it’s due. No fees, no hassle. Monzo will notify you the afternoon before payday. You can also borrow money. Already told you Monese is actually a bank which means gives you access to overdrafts and loans. Explore it. Apply for a loan from £200 to £15.000 with no nasty surprises, no hidden fees or unfair charges. Choose Monzo now. You won’t regret it.

Cons: Monzo is available only for UK residents, but soon they will join US market too. Put your name on the waitlist to make sure you will be the first US resident to try it. 


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