BUNQ.com Review

Pros: bunq values progress, transparency and freedom of choice. It is the Bank of the free and it gives you access to a whole new world in terms of banking. With a wide range of innovative features and financial services, bunq is the best choice for those who don’t want to waste their time. Everything happens inside its app. So hurry up, download the app, order your card and start making payments and receiving money. Choose what is more suitable for you. Go for the Business account for only €9.99/month to have full access to everything you need for free or with a small fee: 25 unique bunq bank accounts, each with its own IBAN so you can spend your money wisely, Apple Pay and Google Pay in selected countries and your physical card. With this membership account you will have to pay only €0.10 for sending and receiving payments and requests, for international payments or for paying a direct debit. Go to the website and check everything it is included with Business account. Choose the Premium. Try it for free 1 month and then decided if you will take the challenge. After the free trial you will have to pay €7.99/month. Almost everything you need it is included in the account. No stress, no big fees, no hassle. Or perhaps you want the Joint account for €9.99 monthly and you will receive a lot of surprises. And you and your partner will get equal access to manage the funds.

Don’t miss out the updates. Now bunq offers a Travel card too. Order it now with no monthly fees. You will only pay once a fee of €9.99 to receive the card. It gives you real exchange rate, without any additional charges, anywhere in the world so you can enjoy travelling abroad. You save up to 3% each time you use your card abroad. It is a true Mastercard credit card suitable for car rentals, hotel reservations and offline terminals in airplanes. With Travel card you can easily track group expenses automatically. For example if you go on a trip with your friends you can open a Slice Group to keep track of who paid for what without any manual input. Get your Travel card right now. You need only 5 minutes and of course phone.

Cons: You only have 10 free ATM withdrawals per month. Customers complained that they had their accounts blocked with no reason and no explanation.

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25 February 2024

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